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James Cameron is brining the popular science fiction manga story Alita: Battle Angel to live-action film. The ambitious screen adaptation of the graphic novel series is estimated to be in the


The Hollywood Reporter has disclosed that indie video game developer Campo Santo, has a deal to bring it’s first-person hit Firewatch to the big screen.  The new deal with film production


There are more versions than ever of EA’s upcoming WWI shooter, including a version without the actual game, we now know what Battlefield 1 EA Access will get you. As you know


Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures have released some very brief teasers to the upcoming Ghost in the Shell.  There is no joy in the five ten second clips, but plenty


Zen studios the developer of Zen Pinball has two new superhero inspired tables to excite you in Marvel’s Women Of Power Pack. I got a chance to check out the


Destiny: Rise of Iron launched this morning (4 AM CST) after record setting pre-orders. According to Bungie this new expansion set a new benchmark for expansion pre-orders. Apparently Destiny is


Killzone arrived on the PS2 as a PlayStation exclusive, and has been released on every console since (including the PSP), and according to a GameSpot interview it could return on


Ryan Towey is the team manager for Evil Geniuses’ Halo squad, a gaming veteran in a young sport he is tasked with managing the new team dynamics in eSports. Leading


Battlefield 1 first DLC map is going to be called Giant’s Shadow, and will arrive sometime in December. The new Battlefield map occurs in the autumn of 1918 during the Battle


Credited for almost every Marvel superhero, cameos in every Marvel movie, and a figure head of the company, it’s about time we got a “Life of” Stan Lee film to better

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Bethesda is ready to roll out more content in Free Update 3 for Doom including FFA Deathmatch, Private Matches, and Arcade Mode. Tune in for live gameplay of these upcoming features


Sony just announced all the games on the PlayStation VR demo disc. Channeling some old school when demos arrived on plastic the PSVR comes with many trial versions.  Each retail


Earlier this year, Fallout 4 developer Bethesda announced plans to allow game mods for console versions of its post-apocalyptic  sci-fi roamer, and the up coming Skyrim remaster.  That sounded awesome,


As we sort of pieced together from omnipresent Marvel post credit scenes, the villain of Wolverine 3 will be Mister Sinister – confirmed.  The end scene of this summers X-Men: Apocalypse teases a


Tom Clancy’s bestselling sci-fi military thriller is coming to Amazon, and John Krasinski (The Office) will be our CIA analyst Jack Ryan. Previously rumored this winter, the series has been


Underworld: Blood Wars is the next installment of the rocky Underworld franchise. With movies ranging from the awesome to the less than great, the Vampire vs. Lycans tale continues, but this


Live from New York, it’s the big PlayStation Meeting where we can finally get some details and confirmations about all the leaks.  Sony will be officially announcing at the PlayStation


It was the holiday weekend so I thought I’ll get in my ten Overwatch Competitive matches for season two. I was looking forward to seeing the reworked system. Little did


Just announced at the XP Fan Event, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered will (eventually) contain all 16 multiplayer maps from the original game. Launching with the previously announced 10


OK 24 hours is up, it’s time for the Black Phosphor Xbox Design Lab Controller review. Purchased on the very easy to used Design Lab site back in June, It took