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The new Overwatch map Eichenwalde is now live on the public test realm (PTR). Set in and around ye ole’ German castle, the map is the first “expansion” to the ultra


The 80’s teen vampire / sci-fi movie The Lost Boys is being reanimated as a TV series on the CW network.  Originally reported by Dateline, the remake of yet another


Now that Supergirl has migrated to the TV home of Arrow and The Flash is wasn’t going to be long before a major crossover (including Legends of Tomorrow) was going


The somewhat overlooked favorite Marvel series The Runaways, is going to be adapted to TV and “air” on Hulu network. Deadline reported that the Eisner award-winning series about a group of teenaged super-powered kids with


We got to play about a dozen rounds of Battlefield 1 Beta at Comic Con recently, with the public open beta starting August 31st we thought we would share some tips


The Halo live-action tv series that was (is) being produced by non-other than Steven Spieldberg as one of the executives was announced in 2013 but has long since been radio


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has gotten a re-org this summer, here’s what happened to the MCU and its not all good news. Now that we have new superhero features to


There is a chance that the popular video game Life is Strange and the town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon will be made into a live-action series.  Game publisher Square Enix has


We got a chance to talk with actor John Marshall Jones about what its like being a lead in a modern AAA video game, we figured he might know since he


The highly anticipated, and often delayed No Man’s Sky arrives tomorrow on the PlayStation 4, with a major launch day content update. Sean Murray gave out all the details on

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Microsoft and great design were not often used in the same sentence, but recently over the last few years we are seeing a bold new sense of design from Seattle


Blizzard has now rolled out the Overwatch Olympic skins and loot for the summer games. Today the splash screen now features our Heroes in full sporting attire with GBR (Tracer),


While a little unsteady out of the gate the Marvel character based series seemed to pick it up toward the end of season 3 leaving us on several cliffs as


PlayStation System 4.00 is coming and an open beta test is available for you to check out before it launches.  The next OS for Sony’s popular console will be a major update,


HBO has been working on Westworld since sometime in 2013 and it was rumored to be slipping to 2017, but HBO has finally announced a date for its long-awaited sci-fi


Bethesda and id Software will be releasing Doom Free Update 2 today which adds two new multiplayer modes, and more content for the SnapMap level creation tool. A capture the


Today Sony Interactive Entertainment hosted the PlayStation VR Asia conference and released two new trailers via YouTube that mostly highlight upcoming titles for the soon to be released VR device.   The


The standard PlayStation 4 DualShock controller is well designed but somewhat flawed device, but updates have been coming and a new major revised version is rumored. The excellent lightweight proven form factor


Incorporated is the new Syfy TV series with the largest media backing this year, it comes from executive producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The sci-fi thriller is set in a near future


Well we can’t stop it so we might have to embrace it, Blade Runner 2 is coming next year. The sequel to Ridley Scott’s masterpiece is going to be a