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NetherRealm has quietly announced that its highly anticipated DC character fighting game, Injustice 2, will be having a closed online beta. The beta will be available for PlayStation 4 and

Halo Wars 2 open beta has returned, last seen this summer Xbox One and PC gamers can once again play the real-time strategy game. Just before its launch (February 21st)

The 2nd full Logan trailer was dropped this morning by Fox and it fills in some of the missing details of this swan song. Logan and “the girl” look to

Blizzard is quickening the pace when it comes to new Overwatch events, according to a tweet the next Overwatch event will be Chineses New Year. Promising “good luck and great

Game publisher Wizards of the Coast will either be instantly recognizable to you, or you have never heard of them. Either way you know about two of their largest games,

Razer recently released their new Goliathus soft gaming mat, after a few weeks of gaming on the new mouse pads here is what we think. As most things designed by

Conan O’Brien’s viral segments called Clueless Gamer are going to get more mainstream with it’s own TV series based on the shorts. The clips feature Conan as he and his crew check out

The Nintendo Switch event was held tonight and first off let me tell you it will release on March 3rd across the world; simultaneously arriving in the USA, Japan, Canada, and Europe.

Sony has announced the Glacier White PlayStation 4 model as a possible replacement for the PlayStation Slim. The new white PlayStation will arrive with in the UK first, on January

You’ve read the comics, saw the movies, bought the lunch boxes, now ride the Iron Man Experience, Marvel’s first theme park ride. Possibly following in the footsteps of the Ubisoft Assassin’s

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It has been awhile since we talked about Marvel’s Runaways TV show. Since we first got word of it’s possible existence over a year ago there has been little to

FX announced today that one of the best animated shows ever, aka Archer is changing networks. Henceforth the Emmy winning show will be found on FX sister network FXX. Season

We knew it was coming, just when exactly was the mystery, after 25 years Twin Peaks is set to return on Showtime in April. The David Lynch masterpiece has lived

USA’s excellent science-fiction drama Colony returns for season 2 in a few short days, we got a chance to watch the first few new episodes and we were not disappointed. Last season’s

Now that you have had plenty of time to see any (or all) of the Marvel movies from 2016, I’m going to offer up my spoiler filled “least believable scene

To celebrate the promise of the New Year, Sony released a new game footage sizzle reel showing many of the PlayStation 4 exclusives coming in 2017. Including pretty much everything

Sometimes the concept is just a starting place, and sometime it is better than the final product, and sometimes it all comes together as in this amazing concept art from

Based on sci-fi dystopian novel by author Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale is coming to Hulu this Spring. Starring the fabulous Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) as Offred, The Handmaid’s Tale

Blizzard happened to remind us at BlizzCon that the Diablo series will be turning 20 years old, and that they might have some plans for Diablo 20th Anniversary. On Dec. 31,

Sony was going to some lengths to assure gamers the PS4 Pro introduction would not create two classes of game, but inevitably there will be differences in some titles –