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While we are thoroughly enjoying the X-Men based Legion on FX, we are keeping a close eye on Fox’s new X-Men TV series now called Gifted. Series franchise producer Lauren

  Maybe when you were growing up you missed a few episodes of the Power Rangers. Maybe it was your bed time, needed to do some homework, or had a

The good people at Telltale Games are tirelessly working on the video game version of Guardians of the Galaxy, just for your enjoyment (your welcome). And while you are probably

Maybe because it’s all in German it’s more ominous, I’m not sure, but the upcoming Netflix thriller Dark looks pretty supernaturally interesting. Obviously channeling some elements from Stranger Things, the

  We really appreciate you visiting the Black Phosphor and to show our appreciation I’ve taken several steps to increase the speed of the website. Starting now the scifi inspired


Remember the video game Sleeping Dogs, detective Wei Shen roaming in an open-world adventure game set in Hong Kong, the one that didn’t get the sequel we wanted, well it

Getting tired of only the standard black and white options for consoles, here are a few options to customize your game console and get a truly unique look. While you have several

  From the man who brought us the thriller Snowpiercer comes a new science fiction film called Okja, about the “bond between man and animal.” And I’m going to add, how we

Netflix has given us a short but very insightful look at one of it’s biggest science fiction exclusives ever, it’s called Bright and it stars Will Smith. We first talked

  From what we have been gathering, the upcoming Fox/Marvel X-Force film will feature fan favorite Cable along with an R rating. reports that Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The

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From the world of I don’t really need that but I’m going to get it anyhow, comes Mass Effect themed Cards Against Humanity cards. The party game for “horrible people”

  Continuing their long-standing relationship, IMAX theaters and Disney have agreed to extend their agreement guaranteeing many of the most anticipated sci-fi films including Han Solo, Star Wars: Episode IX,

In a bit of a surprise move Blizzard has released an Overwatch story of an eleven-year old robotic genius named Efi Oladele. The short story is some type of tease

  Fabricated City is a cross genre action thriller, played out within a virtual videogame world, and something far more sinister. As the leader and “captain” of an online gaming

Catch it before the pull it down, here is the first video of the Nintendo Switch OS. Uploaded yesterday the video has been watched by almost 2 million people already.

Video game publisher Electronic Arts just started offering an interesting new service for PC gamers, it’s called Origin Access, and for $30 a year it offers 50+ games – with

  In the Pilot episode of Making History, the anti-hero Dan (Adam Pally, “The Mindy Project,” “Happy Endings”), is a lowly facilities manager at a small Massachusetts college, who recently discovered

  Now even the casual sci-fi / Star Trek fan is asking, where the hell is Star Trek Discovery. The TV series announced back in November of 2015 has been

The Battlefield 1 Winter Update will launch this week, containing several re-balances, bug fixes, and general improvements to the FPS. As in previous versions of Battlefield developer DICE has been

The slide said “Full Destiny sequel in 2017 to broaden the franchise’s global reach… with follow-on content plans, sets the stage for growth.” And the crowd went wild. Yesterday Activision