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The Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. is starting a new science fiction network in partnership with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer aka MGM. The TV network will be called Comet. The 24/7 network will debut


id Software will be hosting an Alpha test for Doom this weekend. The closed video game Alpha test will start this Friday and end on Sunday. It will be limited

So I saw the Star Wars movie last night. I have been watching in short episodes for awhile now, sometimes called trailers. Like a crystal ball these two minute clips


The completely re-imagined Xbox One experience that channels Windows 10 will launch sometime this November but this week we get another preview of the interface. The new UI that promises

Marvel has announced that FOX is developing a new series based on Marvel characters from the Hellfire Club – an elite gathering of wealthy, influential, and cunning mutants in the business


If you have been waiting and waiting for Overwatch, wearing your Overwatch jacket, and answering questions like what is Overwatch all summer (like some of us) Blizzard just announced something

Zen Arcade is expanding their digital pinball offering with the upcoming Balls of Glory Pinball Pack which includes (arguably the best show on tv) Archer.  Fans of agent Sterling Archer


If you played some COD Black Ops Beta on your PlayStation 4, the fine people at Sony would like to give you a special thanks in the form of a

Here is the new “cut paper” style animation short Ask Yourself teaser for the X-Files. It is hard to know if there are any real teasers in here – it


The Hollywood Reporter is telling us Fox has picked up a new spec script called Ascension – not to be confused with the SyFy show by the same name. The

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The original Star Wars: Battlefront open beta was originally going to end this weekend, but the fun will continue as the beta has been extended through Tuesday. EA / DICE

In a bit of a trend now, following the release of The Last Of Us soundtrack on vinyl, a German record label Black Screen Records is celebrating Abe’s 18th birthday

Another Trailer for Netflix’s Jessica Jones (staring Krysten Ritter) was released today. In this clip we find her working late night in her office Alias Investigations. While deep in though

Halo 5 has gone golden, and Microsoft has offered up this helpful infographic.   “This is the culmination of an incredible three-year journey for our team. Together we set out

Yesterday the union of video game voice actors in SAG-AFTRA authorized the union’s national board to call a strike. This does not mean they are currently on strike, but it

Wired is reporting GameStop will be the exclusive brick-and-mortar retailer of the Valve Steam Machine in the USA. GameStop will also have an exclusive in the United Kingdom with it’s


UPDATE: Ubisoft has added a new piece to the puzzle via Twitter, suggesting we “Think bigger.”  This new short video features a mammoth under attack, but precious little else.

Gamespot has been looking thru the trophy list for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and has found a new level of difficulty that appears to be above the previous

Hasbro Studios has announced there will be at least four more Transformers movies coming, starting with Transformers 5 which has already been scheduled for a 2017 release. Hasbro Studios president

Lionsgate is picking up the rights for everything regarding Patrick Rothfuss’ best-selling sci-fi book series The Kingkiller Chronicle. Accord to The Wrap the studio plans to develop movies, a television