Battlefield 4 Update In September – Its the Netcode

August 8, 2014 - PC, PlayStation, Video Game, Xbox,

Author: Black Phosphor

Yet another Battlefield 4 update is coming quickly. Just announced by DICE the next update promises many general improvements. The list contains updates to game modes, visuals (such as recoil, and HUD), movement, and balance.  But the most intriguing of the updates is the Netcode improvements.

The Netcode changes will probably offer the biggest change in how you play.  Adjusting for the ping difference (which appears as lag or latency) is a slippery slope. Here is hoping the tweaks such as Auto High Frequency Update help more than they hurt.  Getting killed by 0 health dead people, or after you have turned the corner sucks. The new improvements specifically promise to reduce “trade kills” and “kills behind cover” specifically.

A recent update bumped the tickrate (frequency of bullet hit detection) to 30Hz, and helped dramatically. This update will speed up the tickrate even more helping to (hopeful) reduce false one bullet kills even more.  One bullet kills sometimes come from counting the same bullet twice as it travels through the victim.

It is also mentioned that “dusting” will be addressed.  Dusting is when you see a visual hit on a vehicle that did not actually happen. Or it did happen, but you get no credit for anything, other than the visual dust animation.

See the Dusting example below.

Battlefield has progressed back to the AAA grade game it should be in our opinion, we are hoping this update is another step forward.


Battlefield 4 netcode