Google Confirms Android TV (Google’s Console?)

June 25, 2014 - Gadget, Video Game,

Author: Black Phosphor

Google today confirmed Android TV is coming. Android TV (not to be confused with maligned Google TV) will be a much more powerful device than the current Chromecast offering.  The set-top box will be somewhat similar to products like Amazon’s Fire TV or Apple TV. 

Sounds like Gaming will play a major role in Google’s Android TV pitch.  “One developer who has knowledge of Google’s plans says that Google wants games to work seamlessly between mobile devices and Android TV, which will allow Android users to play a game on a smartphone and/or tablet and then resume it on the big-screen TV that’s hooked up to an Android TV.” –

Dave Burke of Android TV said users will be able to control Android TV content such as games with a smartphone, tablet, or even a smartwatch. The new TV interface will closely follow the design of other Google devices, and will feature apps such as Netflix, and iHeartRadio. Voice control will also play apart of the new device, so swearing at the game might actually work.

The “ultimate smart TV” was shown off today as part of Google I/O event in San Francisco, and might be available as early as this fall.

Is this yet another console device to compete with Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Steam? It wasn’t long ago everyone was telling us the console was dead. Certainly the raw power won’t be there to compete.  But there will be more than enough for some fun times.  The idea of controlling games with devices such as Google glass is very intriguing too. (not that we can afford Glass)  Speaking of pricing – it will probably be in the $99 range to keep it competitive with others in this class.