Year Walk – an amazing, beautifully creepy tablet experience.

September 29, 2013 - Video Game,

Author: Black Phosphor

Year Walk Review

Do you have an hour for a very Unique graphic horror experience (AKA game)?  It will only take about an hour to finish it, and maybe a little more.  But don’t let the short game play stop you, Year Walk is a great ride, and a rare game that is visually stunning, and surprising, even the delivery (requiring two separate apps) is unique.   

This game is a polar opposite from the common shovelware tablet game.  And it is priced to reflect that – $3.99 in the Apple store.  Where other game developers don’t understand a font from just letters, and noise from sound – this game is meticulous in all respects.  Each detail is valuable. Each effect is just right, and the sound track bends and flows from scene to scene.

Year Walk is puzzle game set deep in the Swedish woods around the 1800s.  The name is taken from a pagan based ritual where individuals would attempt to see the future by following a specific set of rituals.  A major element of the ritual is the walking.  Now why would anyone want to see the future?  Why toy with the supernatural?  Hmm, maybe to foresee a death, or a lovers choice…

The game visuals are mostly monotone to match the mood of the game, and blood in the snow are just creepy enough to make you feel uncomfortable.  It never stops snowing as you journey from place to place.  Snow crunching under your feet.  It is a Blair Witch Project of iOS games, relying on less to make you feel more.

Year Walk published by Simogo is available on iOS, view the game trailer here.